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Checkout Help

To book a room secured by a deposit, please follow the instructions below after selecting the Book a Room menu option:



a) Click on the More Info button next to the room you wish to reserve (you can also click on the picture of the room itself)




b) Enter a date range at the top of the page to see rooms that are available during that date range.

1. If you selected a) you will be taken to the a new screen/page with more details on the room, with a larger picture, and a button that reads Book Now

  • Select the date range you wish to stay in that room and select the Book Now button

  • A new screen will be displayed

  • Go to Step 3 below

2. If you selected b) you will see all of the rooms that are available for that date range. Select which room you would like to book by selecting the Book Now button.

3. Fill in the information on the screen and select the Continue to Checkout button.

You will see a new pop-up screen that looks like the image below:


4. Select the Complete Checkout button to continue on to the payment information screen below:


5. If  you wish to pay with a Credit or Debit card instead of using a PayPal account, simply select the Pay with Debit or Credit Card button.

6. Whichever button you select (fill in your PayPal information and then select 
Log In to use a PayPal account, if you have one and wish to use it or Pay with Debit or Credit Card if you wish to use a card) fill in the information and complete your secure checkout to complete your booking/deposit.

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